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Plumbing Inspection | Plumbing Maintenance, Howard County, Maryland
WE KNOW HOW WATER WORKS and we know how to make it work better!
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Inspection Includes

*Some exclusions apply.
Water Heater:

  • Drain and flush heater
  • Check thermostat and elements on your electric heater
  • Inspect burner and gas valve for flame appearance and sooting, then perform draft test at the flue for your gas heater
  • Clean air intake for gas water heater (where applies)
  • Test pressure and temperature relief valve
  • Inspect for signs of leaking
  • Check temperature of the water
  • Note model, serial number, and warranty period for more cost efficient repairs in the future

Kitchen Sink:

  • Inspect faucet for leaks
  • Check that faucet is secure to deck
  • Check under sink for signs of leaks
  • Check shut off valves for positive shut-off
  • Inspect garbage disposal for proper operation (provide wrench if there is none) and show how to free jammed garbage disposals
  • Check air gap for clogs
  • Clean aerator for improved water pressure



  • Inspect areas around the toilet for signs of leaking
  • Check stability of the toilet (rocking etc.)
  • Check shut off valve to the toilet
  • Check for proper function of fill valve
  • Apply dye to toilet tank to check for wasteful silent water leaks
Tubs and Showers:

  • Check for proper drainage
  • Check for missing caulk/loose tile
  • Check shower head for obstructions leading to low water pressure and flow
  • Check for smooth reliable operation of faucets
  • Verify tub stoppers are holding water
Vanities and Sinks:

  • Check for proper drainage
  • Check valves for positive shut off/no leaks
  • Check faucet for leaks
  • Check connections, trap, etc. for signs of leaking

Outside Spigots:

  • Check for leaks
  • Check shut off valve for outside spigot to be sure it is holding
  • Label shut off valves and post directions to properly winterize


  • Test the water for pH and hardness
  • Replace sediment filter
  • Check air in storage tank
  • Adjust H2O pressure as needed
  • Service acid neutralizer (extra fee)


  • Check condensate line to sump pump for proper drainage
  • Check sump pump for signs of wear
  • Check washing machine hoses for signs of leaking and potential leaks
  • Advise homeowner of all shut off valves in house and provide tags to identify each
  • Check water pressure reducing valve as needed
  • Check condensation drains
  • Inspect fridge water line to see if plastic tubing
  • Check gas system to determine if any active leaks exist

Top Areas / Zip Codes we service:

Ellicott City, MD: 21042, 21043
Columbia, MD: 21044, 21045, 21046
Clarksville, MD: 21029
Sykesville, MD: 21784
Dayton, MD: 21036
Fulton, MD: 20759
Olney, MD: 20830


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