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Selecting new interior piping materials

  • Interior PB pipe system can be replaced with either copper piping or a special plastic piping known chemically as Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride (CPVC). Ken Griffin Plumbing Services, Inc. encourages customers to strongly consider selecting CPVC for their pipe replacement. CPVC piping systems have been installed since 1959, and initial installations are still performing faultlessly. CPVC piping will not fail prematurely due to corrosion, electrolysis, or scale build-up in areas where water, soil, and/or atmospheric conditions are aggressive. CPVC can normally be installed at least 25% more quickly than copper. CPVC is approximately 30% cheaper than copper to purchase and is more energy efficient, minimizes condensation, and is much quieter than metal . Usage of this piping can result in a more expeditious, cost-effective, and long lasting repipe experience. Contact our office for specific estimate information concerning copper and CPVC pipe work.

  • An independent lab tested Flowguard CPVC pipe and copper pipe.  Follow the link for the results.

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