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Do I Have Polybutylene in My House | Free Plumbing Inspection
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Do I have Polybutylene in my house?

If your house was built between 1978 and 1995, you might have it as your interior water distribution system and/or as the pipe in your yard that brings water to the house from the street connection. Keep in mind that it's possible for your interior and exterior piping to be different kinds of pipe.


  • Polybutylene piping inside of a house is usually dull gray in color and ½ or ¾ inches in diameter. Finding this pipe requires that you examine the in-house piping anywhere that is accessible for viewing. Such locations will normally include unfinished areas near the water heater, pipe running across the ceiling in unfinished basements or basements with drop ceilings, pipe coming out of the walls or floors to feed fixtures like sinks or toilets, pipe inside wall access panels next to tubs and showers, in a crawl space, in an attic. Apply caution when you see short copper of CPVC piping that supplies water to fixtures. In some instances home construction practices included using copper stub outs where the pipe exits a wall or floor to feed a fixture. Seeing copper in these cases does not preclude the possibility that these short sections of copper pipe may be connected to Polybutylene piping inside the walls or floors.

Note: If you're still uncertain about your piping after examining your house, please contact us for a free plumbing system inspection.

Polybutylene piping, gray pipe in the house and blue pipe in the yard
Polybutylene piping, plastic insert fittings with aluminum bands
  • Houses in our area have gray pipe in the house and blue pipe in the yard (look at the water heater or under a vanity sink cabinet.)
  • Plastic insert fittings with aluminum bands most likely to leak or fail.

Polybutylene piping, copper insert fittings
  • Copper insert fittings will weaken when used in homes with acidic water.
  • Typical Polybutylene pipe in the ground between the street and the home ("yard service.")

Polybutylene pipe with  copper insert fittings:

copper insert fitting 1
copper insert fitting 2
copper insert fitting 3
copper insert fitting 4

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