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The Pulling Method

The Pulling Method - Water Service Replacement

  • The pulling method was developed to permit a yard service pipe to be replaced with minimal impact to the yard, a high concentration of underground utilities and any associated landscaping. This process involves digging at least 1 hole at the county curb box to provide access to the spot where the Polybutylene pipe connects to the county's water system. The PB pipe is subsequently disconnected at the curb box and inside the house where the PB pipe initially enters. A fish tape type device is then fed through the pipe from the county side into the house. The hole in the house's foundation where the PB pipe enters is slightly enlarged to permit the subsequent insertion of pipe pulling adapters and the new copper piping. A cable is then drawn from inside the house to the curb box location. This cable is then connected to a roll of new copper inside the house via a special pulling adapter. The other end of the cable is connected to pulling equipment at the curb box. The new copper pipe is slowly pulled through the old PB pipe. A special cutting attachment on the front of the pulling adapter cuts the PB pipe as the new copper pipe is pulled through it. In contrast to the trenching water service method, the pulling method results in the new copper entering the house in the exact spot where the old PB pipe originally entered. The new pipe is connected to the county water system and the in-house piping, and water is turned on to the house. The house's foundation is patched, the hole at the curb box is back-filled, seeded, and strawed. The water service process is completed. Sometimes in the process of the pulling procedure it is determined that the new pipe is not able to be pulled through the old pipe due to an obstruction or improperly installed original water service pipe. It is impossible to predict these situations in advance. Should the pull method fail we will have to revert to the digging method.

Note: Depending upon certain factors it may be necessary to dig one or more additional holes and perform multiple pulling operations. If this occurs the newly pulled pipes will be connected together.

  • We are responsible for notifying Miss Utility to mark the underground utilities before we dig and for the acquisition of the proper plumbing permit and inspection by the county/plumbing inspector.

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