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If I have Polybutylene water service pipe what should I do?


Exterior Polybutylene Pipe Replacements

The replacement of your exterior yard-service piping is often referred to as a water service replacement. This process involves the installation of new copper piping from the county curb box water shutoff valve to the in-house water shutoff valve and meter. There are currently two methods of performing this work. There is a trenching method and a pulling method. Although both methods have the same goal of replacing the yard service piping, their usage criteria and overall nature are quite different. Please contact our office for a free in-home review of possible replacement methods and their associated cost. Keep in mind that step 1 of any water service involves shutting the water off to the entire house via the county/street shutoff valve. We can often help get temporary water to your home by connecting you to a neighbor's hosebib provided you don't have a back flow preventor on your hosebib and your neighbor gives their permission. Water service replacements are normally completed in 1 day.

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