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Garbage Disposals

  • Everyday food scraps can gradually be put down the garbage disposal while the disposal and cold water are both running.  Let the cold water run a few seconds after the grinding is finished.  Overloading the garbage disposal can cause it to vibrate and break connections to other pipes.  It can also cause the motor to seize up or burn out.
  • Cabbage, rice, carrot and potato peels in large concentration form a pulp-like substance which can pose a problem for the garbage disposal and sewage pipes.  Large quantities of these items should be thrown away or composted leaving only the remaining small fragments on dishes and plates to be deposited down the garbage disposal.  Leave the water running for 30 seconds after the last of the food is deposited.
  • Fats, oils, and grease should remain in the pot or pan and be placed in a safe place to cool down.  Once cool, the fat and grease should be scooped into an old jar and then can be thrown away.  Residual grease can go down the drain with cold water allowing it to be flushed through smaller drain lines to larger drain lines, then out to county lines.
  • Only a few specialty garbage disposals are designed to handle bones, corn husks, and fibrous materials like celery and artichokes.  Don't put these items down the garbage disposal as a general rule.
  • There are several garbage disposals made for homes on a septic system.  These stronger disposals practically liquefy everything that goes down the sink and allow it to flow into the septic tank.  They also feature Bio-Charge Injection Technology releasing a natural microorganism to help break down the food waste in the septic tank.
  • Garbage disposal odors can be relieved by grinding lemon or citrus peels to freshen up the drain pipe area.  You can purchase DisposerCare to help with the smell as well.
  • Never use caustic drain cleaners or openers on a clogged drain pipe.  They are as harmful to you as they are to the pipes.
  • Prior to running your dishwasher, turn the garbage disposal on and let it run with water for several seconds.
  • Make sure you have the on/off switch for your disposal installed in a safe place where it can't be accidentally switched on.
  • If your garbage disposal doesn't make any noise at all or only hums, the grinders are probably jammed. 
  • Make sure that the garbage disposal is turned off.  Try to unjam them by turning the garbage disposal off, pushing the red reset button at the bottom, and inserting the garbage disposal wrench into the small hole at the bottom of the disposal and turning it.  If that doesn't work, try putting a broom stick into the disposal then turn the cutting wheel to remove whatever was jamming it.  Never put your hands into the garbage disposal. 
  • Call us if you need our help!

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