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Summer - Plumbing Maintenance - Seasonal Tips and Hints from Ken Griffin Plumbing Inc.
WE KNOW HOW WATER WORKS and we know how to make it work better!


  • Be sure to turn off the main shut off valve to the house when going away on vacation.  It's the safest option.   

  • If you elect not to turn off the water to the whole house, at least turn off the shut off valves to the water at the washing machine since washing machine hoses are under constant pressure as long as those valves are in the “on” position.  If the hoses are older than five years, replace them with no-burst washing machine hoses.  Call us if you need our help!

  • Never leave any clogged toilets behind.  There have been many cases of toilets with “running” tanks overflowing into the ceiling below because the bowl is clogged.  The toilet tank will continue to refill 24 hours a day causing severe water damage.

  • Make sure area way drains are free of obstructions and that the sump pump is in good working order.  Slowly dump a bucket of water into the sump pump crock and watch the float rise then activate the pump, pump out the water then turn off.  Sump pumps generally last about ten years.  If yours is older than that, consider having it replaced.

  • Make sure that the condensation drain for your air conditioner is free of clogs.

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