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Autumn - Plumbing Maintenance - Seasonal Tips and Hints from Ken Griffin Plumbing Inc.
WE KNOW HOW WATER WORKS and we know how to make it work better!


  • Disconnect your garden hoses from the hosebibs- even for frost proof hosebibs.  Turn off the shut off valves to the hose bibs inside of the house and turn on the hosebibs themselves to allow any residual water to run off.

  • Check the foundation of the house to make sure that there are no low spots where rainwater can collect near the foundation and leak inside of the house.

  • Make sure all downspouts and areaway drains are clear of leaves, sticks, and debris.  They will be needed when snow and ice melts.  Be sure the downspouts extend far enough to carry the water away from the foundation.

  • Mark the location of a propane tank so that it is not inadvertently damaged while removing snow.

  • Check vent and flue pipes for birds nests and accumulations of acorns. 

  • Add a small amount of bleach to the condensation drain for your air conditioner.  Once you stop using the air conditioner, the leftover condensation will form algae then dry out over the winter causing an obstruction and water blockage come spring and summer.

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