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EnergyStar Light Fixtures | Home Renovations, Howard County, MD
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EnergyStar Light Fixtures

Seagull 44484BLE-965
1,2,3,4 globes

2 or 3 light fluorescent fixture

We offer you the task and ambient lighting needed to enhance your bathroom or kitchen. Using EnergyStar certified products means that you'll like your monthly energy bill as much as your new space.

ENERGY STAR-qualified light fixtures help ensure performance, quality and the long life of the energy efficient bulbs that are used in the fixture. They must meet the following standards:

  1. Designed and Tested to Withstand the Heat. The GU-24 and other bulbs that ship with an ENERGY STAR fixture are tested in that fixture to make sure they do not exceed the maximum design temperature for the ballast. Screw-in CFLs are not tested within the fixture and may fail prematurely if not designed to withstand the temperature in the fixture. Dedicated fixtures are designed to manage the heat and keep the ballast operating at its optimum.
  2. Aesthetics. Unlike incandescent fixtures with screw-in CFLs, ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures are designed around the GU-24 and pin based bulbs – there’s no unsightly bulb protrusion beyond the decorative glass and the glass color and opacity are considered for optimal aesthetics and comfort.
  3. Color Consistency. ENERGY STAR fixtures ship with the lamps (excluding linear and recessed); this helps ensure the lamps are all the same color temperature. It is common that homeowners or contractors will install screw-in CFLs of varying color temperatures causing one fixture to look “warm” while another will look “cool.”
  4. Quality. The lamps that are shipped with ENERGY STAR fixtures are tested by independent laboratories to meet the strict efficiency, performance and quality criteria so you can be assured that you are offering a quality energy efficient product that will meet homeowner expectations. 



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