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Installing gas lines for a new gas appliance

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The Selection & Estimate

  • Select the gas appliance for your home and request a specification sheet from the store.  Make sure that the appliance you purchase is CGA certified.  Also, please note that vented gas log fireplaces are not an option for your home if your chimney has a history of smoking, backdraft, or downdraft.  Schedule to have your chimney swept if you are installing vented gas logs.  The plumbing inspector will need proof that the chimney is clean and the existing flue piping is sound.  They may also want proof that an existing prefabricated fireplace box is approved for the installation of gas logs.

  • Schedule an estimate appointment with Ken Griffin Plumbing Services, Inc. We will need the BTU information for the gas appliance you plan to install and will want to make sure that it is CGA certified, a plumbing code requirement. We will look at the BTU requirements for the existing gas appliances installed in your home, the size and configuration of any existing gas pipe, the existing home conditions, and BTU requirement of the new gas appliance.  We will confirm that an existing gas meter is sized to handle the additional gas load or help you process a gas meter upgrade or an initial natural gas request with BGE. We will choose from black steel gas piping or Wardflex, flexible copper gas piping and select the best possible route to install the pipe within the home. We will send you an estimate within five work days. Click here for more information on Wardflex and black steel pipe.

Scheduling an Estimate

  • Schedule an estimate with the appliance installer if you are selecting a pool heater or fireplace insert and contract with them directly to have the application installed.  We also have a contractor that we highly recommend.  We are happy to coordinate all parties involved: the homeowner, installer, county inspector, and our company.

  • Complete the BGE gas service application if the gas meter needs to be increased or installed for the first time or go to www.bge.com and click on New Construction Services, then Service Applications, then Modification and Relocation, then Proceed to Application. Kathy or Andrea at our office can help with this process.  After the application is completed, the gas design department with BGE will schedule a time to come to your home and discuss their part of the project.  If the location of the gas meter changes from the information shared during the estimate appointment, be sure to let us know.
  • If propane gas is installed for the first time, contact a propane supplier to contract for the installation of the propane tank and confirm the location of the tank.  If the location changes from the information shared during the estimate appointment, be sure to let us know. 

Gas Pipes Installation

  • We will coordinate all parties involved to be sure things happen in the right order.  We will install our gas piping and pump up the new lines with air pressure to be sure that the new pipe is sound. Each county requires a different amount of air pressure. The plumber will show you the gas gauge location and how to read it.  Keep in mind that gas pressure is never more than ½ pound so putting the new pipe under 20-60 pounds of pressure is giving you the utmost assurance that the new gas piping is safe.

Gas Pipe Inspections

  • We will schedule the inspection with the local county inspection office on a date that you can be home.  We will call you the morning of the inspection to be sure that the gauge is holding and to let you know the time the inspector anticipates arriving.  The inspector will want to see any paperwork that comes with the gas appliance as well as a certificate from a chimney sweep if vented gas logs are installed.  Once the inspector leaves his office, we have no way of contacting him. Inspectors will not go into occupied homes where no one is home. Please call us while the inspector is still at your home if he has any questions or concerns.  Call us after the inspector leaves to confirm that the inspection has passed.  We will then confirm the time that we will return to make the final connections, start up the unit, and check for proper operation.  We will coordinate with a propane tank installer, pool heater installer, or fireplace insert installer to be there as well. Please understand that we consider the final gas connection to be our responsibility because we are the contractor that was issued the county plumbing permit. 

Ken Griffin Plumbing Services, Inc. requires that homeowners  read all of the information supplied by the manufacturer of the gas equipment they purchase and understand all of the safety instructions and precautions the manufacturers have set forth to safely operate these units. All gas appliances must be CGA approved. We request that homeowners add a carbon monoxide detector and natural gas detector in their home and follow all of the manufacturers recommendations for placement. 

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