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Toilet Clogs | Toilet Blockage Removal | Dayton, MD, Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville
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Toilet Stoppages

Clearing Clogged Toilets and Toilet Blockage Removal

A clogged toilet can be an indicator of a larger plumbing problem.  That's why we'll ask you several important questions when you call us for help.  The answers to these questions will help us determine potential causes for the obstruction and help us bring the right drain cleaning equipment.

Which bathroom is experiencing the clog? Did the toilet clog after someone used it?

Sometimes we find the toilet clogged with a “soft stoppage” of organic material that can be cleared with a plunger.  Often the working parts inside of the toilet are not functioning properly and the toilet is unable to clear waste effectively.  We can help clear the blockage and “rebuild” the toilet with new working parts.  Let us know as much information as possible about your toilet since some manufacturers require specific replacement parts. Also, let us know if your toilet flush handle is in a particular finish to match other plumbing fixtures. Keep in mind that some toilets are just not good “flushers.”  Some older toilets no longer work well because calcium deposits or urine crystal deposits have formed in the rim washing system.  Other homes were plumbed with the first generation of “low flow” toilets that just don't work well.  We can suggest a replacement toilet that we know will flush great for many years to come. Click here to see our selection of toilets.

Do you have small children that might have flushed toys or other items causing your toilet to clog?

Sometimes we flush the toilet without realizing that a pen, stick of deodorant, set of keys, or cell phone have fallen in. Children are fascinated with the act of flushing a toilet and enjoy watching their toys and action figures swirl away. Toilets with an item lodged inside the bowl will often accommodate the removal of liquids but will clog when paper is used or when solids are flushed.  Let us know if you suspect that something is missing and could have been flushed. We will first try to retrieve the item while the toilet is in place using a closet auger but we can disconnect the toilet, take it outside, turn it upside down and try to dislodge it if the auger isn't successful.  There are times when we are unable to remove an item from within the trap.  We will try to offer you advice about the most effective use of our time and your money.  Sometimes it is less expensive to replace an old, poorly flushing toilet with an item wedged inside of it with a new great flushing toilet.  We do not break open a toilet bowl to look for an item unless the item is extremely valuable because our employees can cut themselves when handling the broken china shards and slivers. For information on recovering a cell phone that was flushed down a toilet, check out our helpful hints.

On which level of the house is the bathroom located? Are there any other bathrooms experiencing clogs?

Sometimes people enter the bathroom and find water all over the floor. We'll ask you if there is an odor present and help you to determine if someone has used the toilet or if the main sewer pipe is clogged, causing the toilet to overflow after someone showered or flushed the toilet in the bathroom above. If the main drain is clogged, we will need to use the large drain cleaning equipment and the assistance of a plumber's helper to solve the problem. Click here for more information on sewer drain cleaning.

We warranty any sewer or drain pipe for 30 days unless it is clogged by human error or conditions beyond our control. Such conditions include but are not limited to the flushing of feminine products, toilet tank and bowl cleaning products, diapers or personal wipes or other items not intended to be flushed. Our warranty does not apply to broken or separated pipes. We do not warranty drains that have reoccurring backup because of grease or large concentrations of food jam them or because of a malfunctioning garbage disposal that doesn't grind up the food properly.

Top Areas / Zip Codes we service:

Ellicott City, MD: 21042, 21043
Columbia, MD: 21044, 21045, 21046
Clarksville, MD: 21029
Sykesville, MD: 21784
Dayton, MD: 21036
Fulton, MD: 20759
Olney, MD: 20830


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