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Main Drain Cleaning, Clearing Blocked Drains, Main Drain Buck Up| Ellicott City, Columbia, Clarksville, Sykesville, Dayton, Fulton, Olney, MD
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Main Drain Cleaning

  • Toilets that don't flush can sometimes be an indicator of a larger problem.  That's why we'll ask you which bathroom is experiencing the clog. If a basement or first floor toilet, (houses on a slab or without any basement bathroom) has overflowed without anyone using it, you could be experiencing a back up of the main drain system for your home.  This is also true if you notice a deposit of sewage in the basement or first floor bathtub shower.  Do not use any water in your home until the situation is investigated further.  We recommend that you contact your local county government water and sewer department first, to determine if the obstruction is located on the section of pipe that connects to your standpipe and to the county pipe.  If so, they are usually responsible and will snake their section of pipe according to their government policies, usually at no cost to you. Typically, they do not charge you for their services even if it is determined that their section of pipe is clear and the blockage is on your side of the pipes and is therefore, your responsibility.  

  • When we come to your home, we will look at the situation and determine the best place to insert the cables to clean the pipes and clear the main drain blockage.  Whenever possible, we will do this from a clean out/stand pipe outside of your house. These white or black colored pipes can be difficult to find in the dark or when the yard is covered in snow. They could have been buried underground or hidden by landscaping over the years.  It's a good idea to know where your clean outs pipes are located. If the county comes out first, they would most likely have found them ahead of time, often making our work quicker, cleaner, and less expensive. There are sometimes situations that require us to remove a toilet and snake the pipe from inside the house in order to clear the clog. In these cases, we will put a protective covering over the affected area in your home and use great care in keeping dirt and debris to a minimum as we insert and remove the cables. We charge a flat fee of $55.00 for the use of the equipment in addition to the service charges for a plumber and helper who will be working together to maneuver the equipment and cables. We do not allow our customers to provide a “second set of hands” because of the risk of injury associated with spinning and jerking cables. We will use great care when clearing an obstruction in your pipes, however in cleaning or snaking sewers which are broken or separated, there is an increased risk that the cables from the sewer machine may become lodged in the sewer. Should this occur, the property owner will incur any and all costs for removing the cables from the sewer. The cables will need to be removed promptly to avoid further damage to the sewer pipes located on the owner's property or those on the county side of the sewer line. 

Cleaning Up
  • We will remove the protective covering after we remove all our equipment.

  • We do not clean up the sewage or sanitize the affected areas on your property from the “black water”. We recommend the clean up and restoration services of ServPro. They carry the products and equipment needed to sanitize the affected areas and personal belongings and work with most insurance companies.

We warranty any sewer or drain pipe for 30 days unless it is clogged by human error or conditions beyond our control. Such conditions include but are not limited to the flushing of feminine products, toilet tank and bowl cleaning products, diapers or personal wipes or other items not intended to be flushed. Our warranty does not apply to broken or separated pipes. We do not warranty drains that have reoccurring backup because of grease or large concentrations of food jam them or because of a malfunctioning garbage disposal that doesn't grind up the food properly.

Top Areas / Zip Codes we service:

Ellicott City, MD: 21042, 21043
Columbia, MD: 21044, 21045, 21046
Clarksville, MD: 21029
Sykesville, MD: 21784
Dayton, MD: 21036
Fulton, MD: 20759
Olney, MD: 20830


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