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Kitchen Drain Cleaning | Clearing Clogged Drains | Ellicott City, Columbia, Clarksville, Sykesville, Dayton, Fulton, Olney, MD
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Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Kitchen drain blockages happen for different reasons and require different solutions and equipment for clearing the clog.

  • Giving us a complete description of the back up you are experiencing, will help us to determine the equipment we will use to clear the blockage in your kitchen drain. See our information on garbage disposals for other helpful hints. We charge a flat fee of $25.00 for the use of the equipment in addition to the service charges for the plumber. It is only in rare circumstances that we would need the assistance of a plumber's helper to unclog a kitchen drain system. Check out our selection of garbage disposals here.

  • Residual water and debris left in the bottom of the dishwasher after the cycle is finished can be caused by the dishwasher mechanisms itself (requiring the assistance of an appliance repairman) or because the dishwasher discharge piping is clogged. Give our office a call and we will try to help you choose whether to have our technician or an appliance repairman look at the situation.  We will honestly give your our best advice but will not be responsible for charges incurred by an appliance repairman if they are unable to complete the repair.  Similarly, we will charge the minimum fee to come out even if we are unable to help you solve the problem.

  • Dishwashers are typically connected to a garbage disposal.  The waste removal cycle can be completed by connecting to an air gap (the little cylinder sitting on top of the sink) or to a “wet loop” where extra lengths of pipe are coiled and hung at the top of the kitchen cabinet under the sink.  Always activate the garbage disposal and flush fresh water through it before running the dishwasher in an effort to reduce the chances of a clog in the pipe.  If the pipe is clogged, water and debris will squirt out of the air gap and onto the countertop.  If you have a wet loop, you may not know that the pipe is clogged without checking inside of the kitchen sink cabinet for water and residual debris. 

  • Kitchen sinks can be clogged in and of themselves or because of a faulty garbage disposal.  Sometimes a clogged drain or waste pipe for the kitchen sink presents itself as a leak under the sink.  This leak can occur because the kitchen drain lines were never meant to be put under the “pressure” of a clogged pipe.  Kitchen drain piping is usually tied into laundry drain piping.  The size of these pipes allow us to use a smaller drain cleaning machine to clear a stoppage causing “gray water” and food particles to back up in a laundry tub. 

Cleaning Up
  • We will put down a protective covering in an effort to contain residual debris during the cleaning process.
  • We do not typically clean up the original “gray water” from a kitchen stoppage since most homeowners prefer to keep the costs down and clean up themselves.

We warranty any sewer or drain pipe for 30 days unless it is clogged by human error or conditions beyond our control. Such conditions include but are not limited to the flushing of feminine products, toilet tank and bowl cleaning products, diapers or personal wipes or other items not intended to be flushed. Our warranty does not apply to broken or separated pipes. We do not warranty drains that have reoccurring backup because of grease or large concentrations of food jam them or because of a malfunctioning garbage disposal that doesn't grind up the food properly. 

Top Areas / Zip Codes we service:

Ellicott City, MD: 21042, 21043
Columbia, MD: 21044, 21045, 21046
Clarksville, MD: 21029
Sykesville, MD: 21784
Dayton, MD: 21036
Fulton, MD: 20759
Olney, MD: 20830


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