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Drain Cleaning: General Information
Drain and waste pipes inside of your home can be made of PVC, galvanized or cast iron pipe, while exterior drain and waste pipes can be made of terra cotta, cast iron, and PVC material.  Understanding the plumbing system that was originally installed in your home, the locations that are currently experiencing a clog, and residual material left behind can help us access the size of the pipe, proper choice of drain cleaning equipment needed, and location to access the pipe.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning
Chemical drain cleaners are usually caustic in nature and are very dangerous products.  It is highly unlikely that they will solve the problem, in fact, they usually make the problem even worse.  We never recommend them and need to know if a homeowner has used them before calling us, so that we can alert our technician ahead of time.  Usually, a chemical drain cleaner will mix with the residual water from the clog causing a large pool of caustic water that can cause serious damage to the eyes, skin, and other organs.

Main Drain Clearing
Putting the drain cleaning cables inside of your pipes is a delicate yet informative process.  The way the cable behaves as it is spinning inside of  the pipe in an effort to remove the obstruction, can tell us a lot about the condition of the pipe and type of obstruction.  The material we retrieve will tell us even more.  Bringing back clumps of mud is a dead giveaway that the sewer pipe is broken or separated-often by tree roots, expansion and contraction of the earth, heavy construction equipment or utility installations in the area. 

Toilet Stoppages / Blockage Clearing
Toilets can clog for many reasons. Sometimes we find the toilet clogged with a “soft stoppage” of organic material that can be cleared with a plunger.  Often the working parts inside of the toilet are not functioning properly and the toilet is unable to clear waste effectively.  We can help clear the stoppage and “rebuild” the toilet with new working parts. Other times we realize that a homeowner flushes the toilet without realizing that a pen, stick of deodorant, set of keys, or cell phone has fallen in. Let us know if you suspect that something is missing and could have been flushed. Still other times a homeowner will enter the bathroom and find water all over the floor.  We'll ask them if there is an odor present and help them to determine if someone has used the toilet or if the main sewer pipe is clogged, causing the toilet to overflow after someone showered or flushed the toilet in the bathroom above.  If the main drain is clogged, we will need to use the large drain cleaning equipment and the assistance of a plumber's helper to solve the problem. 

Video Drain Pipe Inspections
The location of the cable within the pipe can also help us determine the approximate location of the problem which can also be confirmed by visual inspection of the pipe with our video inspection equipment.  Knowing the type of pipe material and sewer problems will help you to know how quickly the sewer must be repaired or replaced, the extent of the work needed, as well as the probability of multiple problems. We do not repair or replace underground sewer pipes deeper than five feet.  We offer preventative maintenance to remind our customers to have their problematic sewer snaked every 6 to 12 months in an effort to prevent backups at inopportune times.  We always recommend that everyone check their homeowner's or renter's insurance policy to be sure that they are covered in the event that a sewage pipe backs up in their home.

We warranty any sewer or drain pipe for 30 days unless it is clogged by human error or conditions beyond our control. Such conditions include but are not limited to the flushing of feminine products, toilet tank and bowl cleaning products, diapers or personal wipes or other items not intended to be flushed. Our warranty does not apply to broken or separated pipes. Kitchen drains should not have grease or large concentrations of food deposited down them.

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