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American Standard - Cleaning Instructions
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American Standard

What is your recommendation for cleaning Americast Sinks/ Bathtub/Whirlpools?
  • For general cleaning of your Americast products, we recommend hot soapy water and liquid dishwashing detergents, such as Palmolive, Dawn, Liquid Tide, and Granular Spic and Span. BonAmi and Gel Gloss are excellent cleaner/polishers and can be used liberally and as often as necessary. Please DO NOT use abrasive products (i.e. Brillo, Ajax, Soft Scrub, scouring pads, etc) as they can etch the surface. Please make sure to apply all cleaning products with a soft cloth or sponge.

For the removal of stubborn pan/metal marks in your Americast sink, we recommend either Cook Top Cleaning Cream or Pfaltzgraff dish cleaner. Cook Top Cleaning Cream can be found in appliance stores and/or in the appliance section of your local department stores. Pfaltzgraff can be found in stores where the Pfaltzgraff brand of dishes is sold. The use of a rubber mat is acceptable, providing you remove it when your sink is not in use, as certain foods contain acids, that when trapped under the mat can cause discoloration.

For cleaning of the slip resistant (Stansure) surface on Americast Bathtubs and Whirlpools, we recommend sprinkling either Bon Ami, Spic and Span, DiDi Seven or Zud onto a wet sponge, applying to the surface, and rinsing with water.         

Stain Removal
  • Non-abrasive cleaner Granular Spic-N-Span
  • Chemical Cleaner and Restorer (KRC-7 made by Chemique Inc.)
  • One Step Cleaner and Polish (Gel Gloss)
  • Metal Mark Remover (Pfaltzgraff made by Pfaltzgraff Co.)

Mineral Build-up
  • Chemical Cleaner and Restorer (KRC-7)
  • One Step Cleaner and Polish (Gel Gloss) Rust Stains
  • Abrasive Cleaner (ZUD made by Reckitt Benckister Inc.)
  • Chemical Cleaner and Restorer (KRC-7)

Metal Marks
  • Cook Top Cleaning Cream
  • Metal Mark Remover (Pfaltzgraff)

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